Mighty Lopez CD Preview

By Mike On September 29th, 2013 in Installments, Tunes /

So here’s a sneak peak of my upcoming release….I’ve always loved the song “Benzedrine”, written by Toronto songwriter Richard Carstens. We played it together in “The Whammee”from /88-/90. “Sweet Suzanne” is a Blair Martin composition….another of my favorite Toronto underground songwriters from the /80’s. I played briefly & recorded this & other songs with the “Raving Mojos”…/92ish. Tobacco Pouch is a re write of the song which appeared on Jugheads’ 2nd cd. The other songs were written over the past year, pretty much quadrupling my songwriting output of the previous 30 years. Hope you like….

Album Cover

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My Sweet Little Ramona

By Mike On December 4th, 2011 in Installments, Tunes /

So, as a tribute to my awesome daughter Ramona, i fooled around with this remake of the Ramones classic
hope you enjoy it !

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Muskoka Place Gallery Coffee House

By Mike On March 7th, 2010 in Performances /

so….bev & charlie robertson are old school folkies who run a coffee house once a month through the winter at the muskoka place gallery on the foreman rd. in port carling…they’ve been bringing up some top notch musicians for the series and it is a real jewel in this northern wasteland…..i had the honor of playing there feb. 27th /10…..leah leslie opened the show, i did my thing, i got to duet with my g-friend chrystal, charlie, bev, and as if that wasn’t enough, marianne girard (i hope i’ve spelled that right!) dropped by and did a short set…..it was a great night!…. i set up my h-4 and recorded the whole thing (except for leah’s introduction and her first song “angel from montgomery”…..unfortunately the recorder was turned on a little late….my apologies)….so here is the whole show, warts and all…..what i got was a fun night of music, stories and jokes, and an audience not afraid to participate and show their appreciation.
i’ve broken the nite up into bite-size pieces….enjoy….

mike & chrystal

mike & chrystal

chrystal hates this pic, but i think it's kinda' cool

chrystal hates this pic, but i think it's kinda' cool

“leah leslie.mp3”
[audio:leah leslie.mp3]

“1st set solo.mp3”
[audio:1st set solo.mp3]

“mike & chrystal.mp3”
[audio:mike & chrystal.mp3]

“marianne gerrard.mp3”
[audio:marianne gerrard.mp3]

“2nd set solo.mp3”
[audio:2nd set solo.mp3]

“po’ cholly.mp3”
[audio:po’ cholly.mp3]

“bev robertson.mp3”
[audio:bev robertson.mp3]

“chrystal & mike.mp3”
[audio:chrystal & mike.mp3]

mike & chrystal

mike & chrystal

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my bouzouki tunes

By Mike On October 24th, 2009 in Tunes /

so here’s my bouzouki story….gus and jess were planning their wedding last spring….gus approached me in april and asked if i knew anything about the bouzouki and if i thought i could play one….i did a little research on-line and found out how it was tuned etc. and got back to gus, saying that yes, i could probably play one…..so he tells me he and jess wanted some bouzouki in their ceremony and so wanted to buy one and give it to me as payment to learn a couple greek folk tunes and perform during the ceremony…..what an honor!….so i spent the summer and pre-recorded some rythm tracks which i played along with….and here’s how it came off…


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Jugheads’ Big One

By Mike On July 19th, 2009 in Tunes /

here’s one you might recognize…

© 1993 On Tap Records

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Been Away Too Long…Song

By Mike On July 18th, 2009 in Tunes /

without further ado lets get to the music…

so here’s a little ditty called “Been Away Too Long”

© 1993 On Tap Records

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By Mike On May 11th, 2009 in Installments /

come on over and set a spell…we’re just gettin started

ok ok my battery just died…but soon

meanwhile…here is a little diversion…click me.

…don’t forget to post your score.

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