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By Mike On October 14th, 2013 in Installments /

Hey….thanx for dropping in. I’ve had this website 4-5 years now, & I really haven’t been that active on it, mostly ’cause of that lack of new music. This past year I put some effort into writing, actually completing some songs. I ended up with 6 that I like enough to want to record….a 600% increase in song-writing productivity from the previous 30 years. Let’s just say I never tried too hard.
So I recorded two live sessions towards the end of Aug……one at “The Barn” in Huntsville & one at Ghettoblaster Sound Factory” in Bracebridge. Due to sound problems, the Huntsville session was a wash, but I liked what I got in B’bridge. It will be released as “Mighty Lopez”, the premiere release on the fledgeling “Tree Ring” record label. The official launch will be held @ the El Mocambo in T.O. on Oct. 26th…..I will be doing a Muskoka launch party, most likely in conjunction with Sean Cotton’s cd release…..Tree Ring’s second offering.
So….with a cd to promote, I will be trying to get out more…expand my circle of gigs. I will also try, on a daily basis, to post my goings’ on here. Please feel free to add your 2 cents.

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