Tales From the Wood

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So, it took almost 4 years, but I finally have a follow-up to my debut “Mighty Lopez” CD. “Tales From the Wood” is a pretty serious departure from the feel & presentation of that collection. Whereas “Mighty Lopez” is pretty much me & my 12-string, live off-the-floor, warts & all, with minimal overdubs, each song on “Tales…” was given room & allowance to evolve & mature using whatever instrumentation was suggested. The result is a pretty disparate, almost schizophrenic collection of aural vignettes, as varied as a photo album from a road trip across North America.
This album wouldn’t have happened without George Axon (see his bio page). It was his idea & he did most of the work. We used his mics, he played some killer dobro, mandolin & lap-steel,he produced & engineered, I took over his house & his life for a few months….all because he liked my songs & wanted to make them shine. I am lucky to have met him & to have forged the musical relationship we have.
These songs were written between 2013-2016 & feature a couple of collaborations & another R. Carstens tune. I recorded his song “Writing on Benzedrine” on “Mighty Lopez”, and he passed away a year later. “Waiting For the Walls to Cave In” is a great song we used to play together years ago. Sean Cotton is another one of those people who, like George, has been put in my path & who has become a great musical partner & friend. I can bounce song ideas off Sean & always get something clever back…in “Hard Time of Year” his re-write of my lyrics was the keeper. He also wrote “Dancing Moose”, which I recorded for an “Edge of the Woods” theater company project. Following a conversation about tastes in country music, George & I began skyping ideas back & forth until “Hillbilly & Honkytonk” was born. “Every Time You Smile” was written by George for his wife Brenda in honor of their wedding anniversary.
Then there are the musicians. Aidan Mason on the fiddle, Ed Roth on organ, Brad Smith on harp, Sean Cotton on slide & Jamie Sherman on nylon-string guitar. What I’m especially proud of, is having my big bro Brigham Phillips blow his horn on a couple of these tracks. I’ve always had a little brothers’ admiration for his musicianship, and he didn’t let me down here!
So, enjoy.

P.S. if you enjoy this preview, please send me an email mightylopez9@gmail.com to arrange to order your pre-release copy of “Tales From the Wood”…that would be greatly appreciated!

Espresso & Weed

Every Time You Smile

Dining Down & Out

Hard Time of Year

Hillbilly & Honky Tonk

Shot With My Own Gun

I’m Leaving

Oil Boomtown

Waiting for the Walls to Cave in

I Didn’t Stand a Chance

Walking With My Baby

Dancing Moose

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