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By Mike On November 30th, 2013 in Installments /

So we launched a new record label last Sunday with an open house @ Shon Ropers’studio, Ghettoblaster Sound Factory here in Bracebridge. It’s the brainchild of Sean Cotton & Michele Bateman. The idea is to provide local original acts with the services needed to get their music recorded & out into the community. The music scene in Muskoka has lots of talent but is relatively ignored by the larger arts community, & we hope to change that by creating a presence. Sean & Michele were talking about recording a concert series out of a studio in Huntsville, where I first recorded my tracks. There were sound problems so I turned to my friend Shon Roper who was in the process of renovating his space from a studio set up to a performance venue, to record live….exactly what I was looking for! In the process I introduced Shon & Sean who liked the set up & the sounds I was getting. Sean opted to record his cd there as well, & came up with the idea of a record label to join our efforts in promoting our new projects. Other artists heard about it & got interested in the cooperative effort. So on Sunday Sean & I released our cds, along with Juan Barbosa & RW Haller, who had both recorded new cds elsewhere but wanted to be a part of it. We had a great turn out & some great performances as we showcased our new material.
The plan is to bring in acts as they are ready to record a performance @ Ghettoblaster to a paying audience. The admission gets the attendee a copy of the cd upon its release & provides a crowd-funded to assist in the production. There are several acts getting prepared so look out for some new Muskoka based music in the new year.
A special shout out to James Jones who put a website together for us. Check it out…

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