jughead reunion/cd release party

By Mike On October 28th, 2013 in Installments /

A few thoughts re: last Sat. night @ the El Mocambo….way too much fun. We got together @ 3pm at the club to rehearse & soundcheck….it’s amazing to me how well we fell in after 4 years of inactivity as a band….there were a few key changes due to older throats & that did cause some confusion in the heat of battle, but jugheads’ fans are fairly forgiving . There was a Who tribute band below us providing some sonic distraction but we persevered….over 100 friends & loyal fans showed up to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of jugheads’ debut cd “Uncorked”, which yielded the gold record award (Can.) winning “Hockey Song”, & help me celebrate the release of my debut solo effort “Mighty Lopez”. Daniel Joseph di a short solo set of his “A.K.A. Sugarlips” act…..all in all it was an amazing time. Alas, renowned banjo hero Chris Quinn Could not attend due to birthday plans with his family. Regardless, we powered through our favorite tunes like a well oiled machine & I do believe we gave the people an good time. Next year is the 25th anniversary of the start of the band so we’re already talking about the Horseshoe in 2014….stay tuned…

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By Mike On October 21st, 2013 in Installments /

So…I spent the weekend in Mississauga….popped my OCFF cherry, the Ont. Conference of Folk Festivals…
a 3 day shmooze fest bringing together folk musicians, their publicists, festival artistic directors & all sorts of agents & what-not. Got home @ noon yesterday & am processing. It was intimidating, humbling, yet encouraging & inspiring. So many talented musicians! Loved the jamming/rehearsals in the halls….saw some great showcases. I bought into a private showcase room with Swamperella, soozimusic, Hannah Shira Naiman, & the Horables….a great line-up. There were 2 floors of private showcases going on so it was no surprise my sets were poorly attended, but it made me feel better walking past unattended performances. Hope to make it next year, & thinking about my next album.

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welcome to my blog

By Mike On October 14th, 2013 in Installments /

Hey….thanx for dropping in. I’ve had this website 4-5 years now, & I really haven’t been that active on it, mostly ’cause of that lack of new music. This past year I put some effort into writing, actually completing some songs. I ended up with 6 that I like enough to want to record….a 600% increase in song-writing productivity from the previous 30 years. Let’s just say I never tried too hard.
So I recorded two live sessions towards the end of Aug……one at “The Barn” in Huntsville & one at Ghettoblaster Sound Factory” in Bracebridge. Due to sound problems, the Huntsville session was a wash, but I liked what I got in B’bridge. It will be released as “Mighty Lopez”, the premiere release on the fledgeling “Tree Ring” record label. The official launch will be held @ the El Mocambo in T.O. on Oct. 26th…..I will be doing a Muskoka launch party, most likely in conjunction with Sean Cotton’s cd release…..Tree Ring’s second offering.
So….with a cd to promote, I will be trying to get out more…expand my circle of gigs. I will also try, on a daily basis, to post my goings’ on here. Please feel free to add your 2 cents.

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